I will Have what he is having!

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Double De calf Mocha Latte Cappuccino Skinny Vanilla Frapachino. Or something like that. As I stood in the line at MegaBucks Coffee I could not help but be amused by the interesting and confusing coffee combinations that I was hearing. Venti caramel lowfat machiato hold the foam she said as I marveled at how much it reminded me of speaking in tongues! As the line was moving forward, the cash registers were humming and the cacophony of strange words and even stranger combinations of syrup, caffeine and imagination continued to flow, I came to the realization that I am really pretty boring when it comes to coffee. I prefer my coffee black. Oh, and in a real cup, although the cup is optional! And then… it was my turn to order…..

The coffee barista, (I much prefer to refer to them as people who make coffee….) asked what I wanted….. I froze. Like a deer in the headlights of a speeding semi truck I was stuck. For the life of me I could not think of one cool, hip, awe inspiring drink to order. The kid with the tattoos on his neck and guages in his ears asks me again, “what can I get you” this time much louder as if I was some old man who was hard of hearing or something…. Sweat begin to form on my aging forehead. I could feel my heart beat quicken. I wanted coffee. Black coffee. In a cup. But to order such an ordinary, plain everyday drink was sure to get me laughed out the midst of the Uber cool millennials who have come to equate good coffee as anything that cost more than $4 a cup. FOUR DOLLARS FOR A CUP OF COFFEE!!!!.

“Sir!… What can I get you?” Last chance for me to save face…. and dignity… in a quickly devised plan to impress those behind me… I said the most logical thing I could think of….. “I will have what he is having!” For a brief moment I can feel the tension in the room rise as the silent whispers of those behind me try to decipher why a grown man is unable to be more creative than that. I smugly turn and try to make small talk about how much I enjoy a good cup of Chai Latte Mocha… black bean… course ground… latte kitchen sink coffee. I patiently wait for my order to be processed.

Having received my $5 cup of whatever I just ordered… I find a comfortable chair in the middle of a plethora of college students and lap tops and begin to ponder the complexity of even the most basic of things… ordering a cup of coffee. I opened my Bible and I began to wonder about my sanity for even stopping here when I can make much better coffee at home and for much less that $5 a cup! It was at this moment that I realized the guy whose drink I had shamelessly imitated was looking at me. Oh no….. please don’t ask me why I like this drink…. cause I have no ideal what is in this cup! It was at this point that he asked me a question… not about the coffee… but about the book in my hand, my Bible.

Now I have never been ashamed of the Word of God. I love reading it… anywhere… anytime. He asked me how often I read it. I begin to try and explain that I read it whenever and however I can. He told me how he used to read it much more as a child growing up in church, but had not read it in years. What he said next made my day. He said “I really should pick it back up and read it again.” Whoa…. halleluiah! In just a few words, God used this man to remind me why I was here…. in this establishment….. drinking this expensive cup of…. whatever it was! I was drinking waht he was drinking…. and he was saying he needed what I was having!

I encouraged him to do that. I invited him to come check out our church. I even offered to have the coffee made for him when he got there… black. Hot. In a cup. A real cup at that.
No matter where you go tomorrow…. allow God to use you as a tool, a living testimony… and let your light so shine in the place of darkness that others will say- “I want what he is has!”

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