Born for more

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So once again I find myself sitting here waiting for the “icy” highways to reopen so that I can get about my Fathers business! Yes it is Louisiana and we are hopelessly frozen in the ice cold grips of winter terror. In reality, if someone in the state spills a glass of sweet tea with ice in it, schools close, bridges are shut down and the weather men take over the airwaves as if the zombie apocalypse has occurred.

So I will take the time to consider and reflect upon my life and ministry. If I were to have been asked 30 years ago where I would be and what I would be doing i am confident it would not have been here doing this. My childhood dream was to be a fighter pilot and go to the Airforce Academy. On May 8, 1976 that plan was altered due to a motorcycle wreck that rendered me unfit for military service. It really is amazing when you consider that God takes the most unfit, unqualified, unholy things and people and totally repurposes them for His glory!

Now while we are amazed at where we end up and how we got here, God is not surprised. Why? Because we were Born for so much more. I was fortunate to be born into a loving Christian family. We were raised in church and encouraged to follow our dreams. But as great as my earthly family is, my Heavenly Father had even greater plans for me.

So here I am. In Shreveport Louisiana. I Pastor the church I grew up in. Amazing. I get to be a part of the life journey for so many wonderful and inspiring people. Amazing. Ironically, considering that a motorcycle changed what I thought was my destiny, today I am the President of the Chariots of Light Louisiana Chapter Motorcycle Outreach ministry! God took the very thing that Satan used to hurt me, and now uses it to spread the Gospel light.

Ain’t God Good!