Banjo’s and Bad Days

EugeneMPastor's Blog


The other day I received an offer in the mail to try Sirrus XM Radio free for 3 months in my new truck. Well to say the least I was thrilled! I mean come on… its free! Who is going to turn down something that is free! Well actually I can think of a few times I wish I had said no to a “free” offer! I think I only have 11 years left to pay for the “free” subscription to Cluck…. the publication for all things pertaining to Chicken Lovers.

Anyway, as I browsed through the various channels available on XM Satellite Radio…I was thrilled to find the Bluegrass network! Now everyone knows that I love a little banjo picking and have tried to pick the old 5 string myself! As I listened intently to song after song of fabulous banjo and bluegrass music, I was in hillbilly heaven!

After awhile I switched over and listened to some great worship music, and then some talk radio. Truth is most of the time I am in my truck driving I do not listen to anything… but I just had to get my value out of this great “free” offer. The one thing that struck me today as I was driving was that no matter what bad things may be going in my day or at work or in life… every time I find the Bluegrass channel… and those banjo’s go to rolling….. I find myself with a smile on my face and a skip in my step. I realized today that you cannot be sad…. and listen to the banjo!

The same is true as a born again child of the One true God! I cannot think of Him, His love for me, His grace, His mercy, or His Word… without finding myself smiling and finding joy! It was David in Psalms 51 that in the depth of his despair reminds us that our joy is found in our salvation! I am not going to ignore the fact that life is hard. Everyday we are all faced with many things that seek to steal our joy. Financial pressures, family issues, and a thousand other things can send us into the dumps of despair! It is in these times that we may find it hard to remember the joy that is supposed to be ours!

We need to remember that just like you cant listen to the banjo and be sad…. we can’t remember the great things that God has done for us… and remain sad! Wow.. I get happy just thinking about it! And better than the “3 free months from XM Satellite Radio”…. the joy that God gives to us is free… eternally free! So let me encourage you today. No matter what you are going through. Now matter what difficulties you may be facing…. tune into God and find the joy of your salvation!

Praying for all of you today! Love, Honor, and Service.
Pastor Eugene